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    1. Provide the driver a substance testing "Chain of Custody testing form" and have the driver submit to a pre-employment controlled substances test. The test results will be routed through Fleet Safety Services who will notify you of the results. Do not dispatch a driver prior to being notified of the negative test results.
    2. Make a copy of the driver's DOT medical examiner's certificate, and driver's license and forw ard them to Fleet Safety Services.
    3. *Prepare the new-hire packet as prescribed below, and forward to Fleet Safety Services.

    Pages 3 - 7: Ensure the driver completely prepares the employment application. The applicant's previous employer i nformation must be complete and accurate, so proper employment history in quiries can be performed.
    Page 8: Driver must only sign the attached form under "applicant's signature" and make no other entries on the form. Fleet Safety will make the necessary number of copies and conduct the mandatory DOT previous employer inquiries, then forward them to you.
    Page 9: Same as above. Driver only signs the one attached form.
    Page 10: Provide the driver a copy of your company Substance Testing Policy, and have them sign for receipt of it.
    Page 11: Ensure the driver checks yes or no and fully prepares the form, which pertains to any previous pre-employment substance testing issues.
    Pages 12 & 13: This release allows Fleet Safety Services to obtain required driver records.
    Page 14: Mandatory driver notification of any suspensions, moving violations or cell phone use violations. (This specific document is not a DOT driver qualification file requirement, but highly recommended).
    Pages 15 & 16: Driver's Road Test and Certificate. The driver must complete theĀ road test prior to first dispatch. (Test is mandatory for all non-COL drivers and drivers operating tanks, doubles or triples. However, it is recommended for all drivers (Test can given by a senior driver).
    Page 17: Drivers must prepa re this 7 Day Statement prior to first dispatch. (Also required prior to utilizing an occasional driver) This requirement ensures the driver h as enough hours available to operate within the hours rules.

    *Please fax (508-831-7611) or email ([email protected]) the following documents to Fleet Safety for processing:

    1. The entire new-hire packet as described above.
    2. Copy of the driver's license & a copy of the driver's medical card

    Note: Do not dispatch a newly hired CDL driver prior to the driver's Motor Vehicle Report being obtained and properly verified, or prior to receiving the driver's negative pre-employment drug test results.

    Fleet Safety Services personnel will review the driver qualification documents, perform the proper previous employer inquiries, then prepare and return an electronic Driver's Qualification File to you. (The statuses of your drivers' qualifications are available on Fleet Safety's website).

    Questions: Please contact Fleet Safety at SOB-791-1971.

    12 Harvard Street Worcester, MA O1609
    Phone: 800-215-2490
    Fax: 508-831-7611