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Product Offerings

Our broad reach into private label and specialized bakery products allows us the ability to manufacture nearly 5,000 different bakery items. We manufacture items for countless restaurant and QSR chains, as well as into Broad line Food Service Distributors.

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Private Label

Manufacturing Like No One Else

Private Label


East Baking Company Inc. has the ability to manufacture any private label bakery program from bagels, breads, rolls, pancakes, and sweet goods to a very specific customized bakery products. We have the knowledge, ability, and dedication to consistently delivery you YOUR own branded bakery items. Let us help grow your company by providing unique branded products for you to sell, market and promote.


East Baking Company Inc. differentiates itself on our ability to dedicate and devote ourselves to your QSR’s individual needs. We have the commitment it takes to not only develop a propriety bakery item, but also the dedicated customer service responsiveness required to ensure the successful implementation of that item throughout the franchisee network. Our dedicated customer service responsiveness allows us to work. What sets us apart from other QSR’s is our ability to offer your operation consistent product time and time again, at the SAME cost throughout your entire geographic service area. We want your operation to have the same differentiation and character that sets you apart for the other QSR’s. Why should you have the same roll or bagel everyone else has?   There’s a reason your QSR sets itself apart from the rest, let East baking Company Inc.’s products be a part of that distinction.


East Baking Company Inc. has the knowledge to create for your restaurant its own unique bakery product, from a ciabatta roll, to a brioche bun, to apple pie. Our specialty is manufacturing an item that NO ONE ELSE has. Let us help you by providing items that set YOU apart from the rest!!!

School Nutrition

Nutrition Products at their Best

School Nutrition

BULK or Wrapped

East Baking Company Inc. manufacturers a broad range of school based bakery products in any grain content your operation require, from whole wheat to whole grain white.

Our ability to manufacture all products to our clients exact specifications makes the possibilities endless.

  • Bagels – manufactured in flavors such as whole grain white, whole grain french toast, whole grain wheat, etc.
  • Rolls – hamburger, hot dog, sandwich rolls, sub rolls
  • Breads – available in whole grain white, whole grain wheat, whole grain cranberry, etc
  • Pancakes – manufactured in flavors such as whole grain blueberry, corn apple, bran multiberry.
  • Muffins/Loaf/Slices – manufactured in flavors such as whole grain blueberry, corn apple, bran multiberry.
  • Danish/Cinn Rolls- manufactured in flavors such as whole grain cinnamon swirl, raspberry, etc.