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We manufacture hundreds of various bakery products from loaf breads to blueberry muffins.

Our baking facilities have the ability to deliver you your bakery items in virtually any form: Individually Wrapped, Bulk Packed, Bagged, Boxed, Chip Board, etc. Our bakery products are used in nearly every industry, from Food Service and QSR’s, to Retail and Private Label. Regardless of your role in the industry, we can create and manage all aspects of your individual bakery needs for you. Our bakery products are used in nearly every industry: Food Service - Have a QSR or multi-location food concept? Let us create and manage your bakery needs for you.

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Sandwich Makers

We excel at value added sandwich components, from English Muffins to sandwich loaves. Contact us today to see how we can help deliver quality, value, and exemplary service to your needs.

School Nutrition

A leader in Individually Wrapped (IDW) bakery products for years, we specialize in manufacturing and co-packing your school nutrition needs.


Our experience delivers solutions for all of your private label needs. Let your customers see not only the value of having your brand on the package, but the continued reliability and high quality of your bakery items.